We can now finally talk about the LEGO Looney Tunes Collectible Minifigures as Brickset is reporting that the set has been found at a store in California. There are 12 minifigures to collect and they feature some of the more iconic characters including:

• Bugs Bunny
• Lola Bunny
• Daffy Duck
• Wile E Coyote
• Road Runner
• Sylvester
• Tweety
• Marvin the Martian
• Speedy Gonzales
• Porky Pig
• Petunia Pig
• Tasmanian Devil

Note that the box was sold at an independant store so the prices are marked up a bit but they should be $4.99 each. Also the boxes now come with 36 minifigures and not the usual 60. Which LEGO Looney Tunes characters are you looking forward to getting?