One of the more LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2021 sets that I’m really excited for is the Attack on the Spider Lair (76175). It has 466 pieces and retails for $69.99 but it won’t be out here in the US until March 1. One of the more interesting things about the set is that it includes a number of Spider-Men from the Spider-Verse including regular Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Iron Spider, and Ultimate Spider-Man, aka Big Time Spider-Man.

If you look really close, there’s also some Easter Eggs in the set at the monitors where it is showing the Bombastic Bag-Man Suit on the left monitor where Peter Parker uses a spare Fantastic Four costume. The right monitor shows someone playing a Spider-Man game, possibly the one from Insomniac on the PlayStation 4. The PS4-style controller nearby could be a clue.

Could LEGO have something in the works with Sony or is this just something the designers threw in while using some creative liberties. The Bombastic Bag-Man suit is also a big thing considering we don’t have any official Fantastic Four characters as LEGO minifigures. This could mean that we may get them in the future considering that the team is back with Marvel after Disney bought out 20th Century Fox. Of course this is just speculation but this is a very interesting teaser that fans may have missed.

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