Only a day after its official release, fans are already finding open boxes of the Series 2 LEGO Marvel Studios Collectible Minifigures (71039). As you can see in the image, this was found at a Walmart with at least 20 of the blind boxes opened up. It was noted by the OP that a lot of pieces were missing from them as well.

We already knew going in that this was a very bad idea even though to LEGO, it was more environmentally friendly for them and the consumer. I guess we’ll start seeing retailers putting them in security cases or behind the counters to deter thieves. This has turned out to be more of a headache for fans as compared to the bagged ones.

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If you want to collect the set, I suggest just going to the secondary market. You may pay a little bit more than if you would buying them at retail but you don’t have to worry about getting doubles or even finding them at all because of issues like this. Hopefully LEGO sees the issue and complaints from fans and retailers to know that this wasn’t going to end well.

**Via Reddit**

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