A few weeks ago, we did a post on what some of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets could be. Today, Kris Kelvin over at Eurobricks has gotten to see some blurry images of the 2014 Marvel sets and have given some descriptions on what we can kind of expect in the future sets. These are stated to be released in March 2014. The user also listed the DC Universe Super Heroes sets and you can read more there as well. We’ve also done a post with some descriptions of the DC sets.

Update: There are also some pricing listed for the sets from the user. They are in Polish Zloty but I’ve converted them to Euros. Since US pricing is somewhat based on Euro prices, we can approximate what they would cost here in the States.


I’m going to venture a guess that the 2014 Spider-Man sets will be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man animated TV series similar to last year’s sets.

76014 – Spider-Man riding some sort of “tricycle” and another minifigure with a green torso, yellow hands, and yellow legs. I’m going to guess that the other minifig is Electro. – ~$17

76015 – Includes Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, another minifigure, and a car. Hopefully we get a Doc Ock variant and not the same one as in the Doc Ock Ambush (6873). – ~$24

76016 – Includes a flying vehicle with two rotors, Spider-Man, and a brick-build figure. The vehicle could be the Spider Copter and the brick-built figure could be the Green Goblin as we have mentioned before. – ~$48

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Spider Copter


The user mentions that the other Marvel sets will have the Avengers logo on the box.

76017 – This set could be based on the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It includes three minifigures: Captain America and two others, one in which is green. The set also includes an olive green vehicle and a motorcycle for Captain America. My guess is one of the other minifigures could be The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes). – $24

76018 – This set could be based on the Avengers Assemble animated TV series. This is the largest set and is in a laboratory. There are four minifigures included in the set: Hulk, Thor, a guy with wings which I assume is Falcon, and another one with a black hood. I’m going to guess that that one could be Red Skull. There is also a brick-built figure with a big head. I’m pretty sure that this guy is MODOK. We’ve seen what Falcon could look in minifigure form from the LEGO variant comic book cover. – ~$65

Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #1

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes M.O.D.O.K.

DC Universe

The Penguin Face-Off (76010) – ~$17
Man-Bat Attack (76011) – ~$24
The Riddler Chase (76012) – ~$36
The Joker Steam Roller (76013) – $~65

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