The rumor mill is in full swing over on the Eurobricks Marvel topic about an upcoming LEGO 2017 set. Just2Good has “confirmed” that we’ll be getting a set next year featuring Agent Coulson and his car Lola. Other known reporters like amazingbricks and Sir Gareth have chimed in and said the set will also include Iron Man as well as Detroit Steel with the latter being a bigfig. While Detroit Steel isn’t a big name villain, it’s nice to see some variety in characters. Speaking of which, an Agent Coulson minifigure is long overdue along with Lola. From what I’m gathering, this is more of a comic/game based set and not the MCU/Agents of SHIELD version. The price point that was mentioned in the thread was going to be around $30-$50.

There’s isn’t much going on for the LEGO Marvel sets at this time but there is more information slowly coming out every day like the one mentioned above and we already know about the Hulk vs. Red Hulk set. Early indications show that we’re getting more obscure characters and not as many rehashes of existing characters which is nice. So what do you guys think of this rumored set with an interesting combination of characters? Personally, I can’t wait to see it but it looks like it’ll be a fun little set.

Update: It may seem that Detroit Steel might be a brick-built figure similar to the Hulkbuster.

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