LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hulkbuster Art Print (5005573)

Today was the release of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (76105) and whether you purchased it online or got it at a LEGO Brand Store early, you will receive two different prints illustrated by Roy Lim. I decided to take the chance and went to my LEGO Store to get it and upon inspection of the prints, they are more high quality than the usual posters we’ve gotten before. These are not the paper type posters but more of a thicker card stock with some texturing on both sides of it and the size of them are 10″ x 13″.

The thicker card stock means that they will get a crease in them if ever they get folded or get hit on the sides. This is a reason why I went to the LEGO Store instead of purchasing it online so I could keep them in near pristine condition. I have a feeling that they will get damaged in the shipping boxes unless they are in some protective envelopes.

As for the Hulkbuster set itself, it is currently now on backorder and will ship by March 17 as of this post. I also noticed that the sketch print no longer shows up in the cart as it appears to have sold out but the colored version is still available.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Limited Edition Art Ron Lim Print (5005574)

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