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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man 2013 Hands On


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man 2013

In the past couple of days, we, along with YourCreativeFriends, reported there were new images of what appears to be new Iron Man minifigures from the 2013 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets. Now, YCF has gotten their hands on a couple of these minifigures and has done a early review of them.

For the Mark XLII suit, the helmet is the only only thing that’s the same as in the 2012 suits. The torso itself is mostly red but has gold printing for most of the front and about half in the back. The hands are also gold instead of red. The arc reactor is printed white. The front of the legs also has some of the gold printing. There is also some toe printing for the boots. What’s new about this version of Iron Man is his face printing. He has a confident expression on one side and a scared/worried expression on the other. Again, we believe the Mark XLII will be in the Malibu Mansion Attact (76006).

On the other suit, we still are not sure if it’s the Heartbreaker or another one. What we do know is that the helmet is new with some silver printing on the chin and blue eyes. The top of the helmet is also shaped a little different. The head is the same as in the 2012 versions. For the torso, the arc reactor is the same blue as the eyes and is strapped in with what looks to be a harness that wraps around the back of the torso. There is also some gold and silver printing in the middle of the chest area. The legs also has gold and silver printing from the hips to the knees. This variant also has gold and silver printing on the toes.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man 2013

From the closeups of these minifigures, will you be picking up the Iron Man sets of 2013? YourCreativeFriends are also doing a giveaway for one (1) of the the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man sets. First, you have to subscribe to YourCreativeFriends‘ YouTube channel. Secondly, you have to correctly name the two suits that were reviewed in the video and when the sets are released in a couple of months, YCF will choose a viewer who named both of the suits in the comments section. The winner will be sent one of the sets but you won’t know which one. It could be the largest set or it could be one of the smaller ones. Check out YCF’s video below for their impressions on the minifigures and be sure to subscribe for your chance to enter the contest.

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