The premise of the second episode of LEGO Masters is to build a space-themed story and at the end, it will be destroyed. The builds will be judged on how it looks and the story that goes around it as well as how it looks when splatters. Mayim Bialik was brought out as the guest of the episode. The main component of the judging is how the build looks when it is destroyed using a bat, explosives, and gravity. Benny’s Spaceship was dropped as a demonstration.

The teams have 11 hours to complete. Teams choose how their builds will be destroyed which are shown below.

Sam & Jessica – Space Cats vs Dogs – Spaceball Bat
Boone & Mark – Unicorn Spaceship vs. Robots – Big Bang
Christian & Aaron – Castastrophy at the Crescent – Big Bang
Mel & Jermaine – Legor – Big Bang
Jessie & Kara – Alien Attack – Spaceball Bat
Travis & Corey – Doomsday Drop – Gravity Drop
Tyler & Amy – The Sacrifice – Gravity Drop
Richard & Flynn – Volcopolic – Spaceball Bat
Nestor & Manny – Alien Planet – Spaceball Bat
Amie & Krystle – Volcalia – Gravity Drop

Nice to see some of the teams that weren’t featured as much on the previous episode get more screen time. In between all of that, there’s a short clip of Will teaching SNOT building technique. Before the next commercial, there’s more drama between Sam and Jessica in which they can’t seem to work together.

Will gives the team a pep talk and they reconcile. Aaron build is destroyed as it isn’t as stable and they consider if using the Golden Brick is a choice. Flynn doesn’t think his build is good enough and Richard gives him a pick me up. Mayim has to leave early as there is only a couple hours left to build.

Aaron & Christian is asked if they would like to use the Golden Brick and they decide to keep it for now. Tyler & Amy’s build gets praised by Jamie with their building techniques. Judges were impressed with the build and how much it was destroyed.

Sam & Jessica has a very smaller scale build than everyone else’s build. The end results was disjointed as the cat was destroyed but the building was still standing. Again, it seems the team will be heading to the bottom two again.

More builds are destroyed at a quicker pace similar to last week and pretty much every team had good results except for Jessie & Kara as their build started breaking apart while bringing it to the stand. The bat to the build didn’t impress the judges either.

Christian seemed to like how their build exploded but the empty space left a lot of large pieces left over.

The winners are Tyler and Amy with The Sacrifice. The bottom teams are Sam and Jessica and Kara and Jessie. Not surprisingly, the team that leaves this week are Kara and Jessie. At this point, you can pretty much see which of the remaining teams will last longer on the show and which teams will leave earlier than they expected.

The next episode seems a bit interesting as teams have to build the other half of a particular object that has been cut in half. You can catch the second episode of LEGO Masters here.

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