Can you believe we’re already on episode seven of LEGO Masters and for this week, the remaining teams are doing a storybook build. A number of kids help fill out a story and the builder will have to create things that they suggested. The builders will have eight hours to complete the challenge. Keep in mind that Mark & Boone have won four straight challenges and also have the Golden Brick.

Christian & Aaron – Messy House
Sam & Jessica – Taker Waker Rat
Mark & Boone – Rotating House
Richard & Flynn – Conveyor Belt
Tyler & Amy – Floating Platforms

Before the commercial break, both teams of Tyler & Amy and Sam & Jessica find out each other’s team is building a rat. Due to Tyler’s character building style, his rat looks great so far even if it’s just a head and Jessica does not want to compete with that and needs to come up with a new idea.

Midway in the challenge, Will introduces Nicole Byer driving in a LEGO built car. Richard and Flynn are still overwhelmed with this challenge as they barely have anything built with about three hours left to go.

With 5 minutes left to build, Will and Nicole throw in a twist where the builders have to create additional items. The kids will go to each team and have them build the fill in the blank things. Teams have five hours to finish. The winner of this challenge will also win a trip to LEGOLAND New York opening on July 4.

These new items are pretty over the top with things and I have a feeling that the producers told the kids to over exaggerate.

Since this challenge was from the kids ideas, they will be part of the judging as they go around to access the builds. Jamie and Amy come after to do the real judging. Mark & Boone chose not to use the Golden Brick. After the judging, there are three teams that missed their marks and that could land them in the bottom two.

Back from the commercial, the teams with the best builds were Tyler & Amy and Sam & Jessica. With their impressive build, the winner of the storybook challenge is Tyler & Amy.

The bottom two teams are Richard & Flynn and Christian & Aaron. The team that goes home this week are Richard & Flynn as their build was not very sophisticated.

On next week’s episode, the four remaining teams with be pairing up each other and the guest will be Terry Crews. You can watch or rewatch episode seven of LEGO Masters here.

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