We’re down to the final few episodes of LEGO Masters and for this week, we’re doing Good vs. Evil. The final four teams will have to build a super hero themed build. They will choose from 16 different minifigures which were from the Series 19 Collectible Minifigures and make them into super heroes or villains.

The builds will be either super hero hideouts or evil lairs. The twist here is that the teams will be pair up against another. The teams will be judged for the individual builds as well as the collaborative battle build. They have 11 hours to complete the builds.

Tyler & Amy – Temple of the Fire Scorpion
Aaron & Christian – Tech Center
Sam & Jessica – Shower Guy’s Basement
Mark & Boone – Evil Pizza Lair

Sam & Jessica vs. Mark & Boone – Pizza Minions vs. Rubber Duckies
Aaron & Christian vs. Tyler & Amy – Fire Scorpion vs. Robot

After the commercial break, Terry Crews comes busting through the wall. Terry is introduced to the teams and when they get to Aaron & Christian, they said they didn’t want to get lost with Tyler & Amy’s.

Terry tries to inpire the teams but it seems to be more of a distraction than anything.

Christian & Aaron still doesn’t have anything to show their minifigures are super heroes and Aaron is embarrased to ask for help.

Mark & Boone decide to use the Golden Brick because this is the last time they will be able to use it. As Will gets the brick back, he hints there will be a Season 2 of LEGO Masters.

Both Sam & Jessica and Mark & Boone did well on their builds and there wasn’t any major negatives to either one.

On the other hand, Tyler & Amy and Aaron & Christian’s build were a bit different. The shared battleground was decent where the evil scorpion took dominance. Tyler & Amy’s individual build also got good reviews however, Aaron & Christian’s hideout was a bit too hidden for the judges’ liking.

The top two builds of the episode was Tyler & Amy and Mark & Boone and the winning build for this week was Tyler & Amy.

That means the bottom two teams are Sam & Jessica and Aaron & Christian. And the team that leaves this week was shockingly Aaron & Christian. It’s getting harder to see teams leave this far into the competition.

For next week’s episode, it will be a Star Wars themed episode where the remaining three teams will be building iconic Star Wars moments.

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