A month ago, LEGO announced a new Build your own game contest in partnership with Unity on LEGO Ideas where you create a game and as compensation, you would receive a limited edition LEGO Unity minifigure just by participating. LEGO is now looking for some feedback about LEGO Microgame whether you’ve tried it out or not. All you have to do is be honest on your feedback. In doing the survey, there’s a chance for you to win one of the 100 Unity minifigures so there’s no harm in doing it.

A few months ago, we got to hear about LEGO Microgame – Unity. It was a different offering then we typically see which hopefully educated or appealed to certain AFOLs. With that being said, the Microgame team is looking for feedback from anyone. Whether you used it or not you can participate in the survey. They only ask that you are honest. This means you can take the survey event if you never participated.

Also, you can win a limited edition Minifigure 🙂

To learn more about the LEGO Microgame: https://learn.unity.com/project/lego-template

Public Survey and Statement from the LEGO Games team:

We would be most grateful if you could share your feedback on your experience with the LEGO Microgame. Your honest opinion means a lot even if you have not tried it yet.

By filling out this survey, you will have the opportunity to be entered for a chance to win one of 100 limited edition LEGO minifigures. Please share your feedback by the end of March 2021. Thank you! LEGO Games and Unity


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