Brickset has now posted images of the packets for the Series 6 wave of the LEGO Mixels sets that which come from Portuguese site BrincaLandia via the Mixels Wiki.

LEGO Mixels Series 6 introduces two new tribes with the Weldos which are a construction type Mixels and the Munchos which revolves around them eating food. Finally also returning are the Glorp Corp which were first seen in Series 3.

Thanks to Huw for the name of the Munchos tribe.


LEGO Mixels Forx (41546) LEGO Mixels Kramm (41545) LEGO Mixels Wuzzo (41547)

Glorp Corp

LEGO Mixels Dribbal (41548) LEGO Mixels Gurggle (41549) LEGO Mixels Slusho (41550)


LEGO Mixels Snax (41551) LEGO Mixels Berp (41552) LEGO Mixels Vaka-Waka (41553)

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