The LEGO Builder App has given a preview of a new 2024 LEGO Monkie Kid set with the Megapolis City 5th Anniversary (80054). The set has 2,330 pieces and celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Monkie Kid theme with a flagship style set featuring a small city layout encompassing a lot of small shops. It also has 15 minifigures including Monkie Kid, Mei, Pigsy, Mr. Tang, Monkey King, White Bone Demon, Sandy, Mo, Spider Queen, Auntie Tei, Evil Macaque, Lee, Lady Yu, 20-Gong, Gold Horn Demon, Silver Horn Demon, and Red Son.

Build the ultimate LEGO Monkie Kid city! Hang with Monkie Kid and his friends, and a villain or two, and explore the Megapolis City 5th Anniversary set. Eat some noodles, then head to the record store. Back pain? Get an adjustment at White Bone Demon’s chiropractic clinic. Visit the 2 levels of the city using the elevator. End the day on the Ferris wheel, then plan tomorrow’s adventures!

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