LEGO Monthly Mini Build 2019

If you’ve been enjoying doing the LEGO VIP Monthly Mini Builds, you only have a few months left to do them. I’ve heard from a few different sources that the last event will be in March. Even though LEGO has a list going for the 2019 builds, it seems that the page will not be filled up after March.

The LEGO Monthly Mini Builds have been going since 2009 and it was extremely popular at its peak a few years ago. It may seem that attendance has dropped ever since registration was required starting in 2016 and that could be a reason why LEGO will be ending it. Before the change, it was on a first come, first served system where families lined up in front of the stores and wait their turn. The registration helped ease the congestion at the malls but it also required parents to remember to sign their kids up on a certain day which is an extra step that some didn’t want to take.

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