Over at the LEGO Club, there is an inside scoop of the background story for the return of the Ninjago series. The last episode of the Masters of Spinjitzu series aired over a year ago and the “Rebooted” series should be returning sometime in December. Below is a synopsis of what to expect when Ninjago makes its long-awaited return.

It’s been a long time since the Overlord was defeated by Lloyd the Golden Ninja. While Lloyd tours Ninjago celebrating his victory, the original four ninja — Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane — have become teachers in Sensei Wu’s Youth Academy. Besides being bored in class all day, Kai and the rest of the ninjas dream of the days when they fought the forces of evil, but in the updated and technologically advanced world of Ninjago, there is no need for ninja any longer.

But that changes soon enough … trouble brews in New Ninjago City, famed inventor Cyrus Borg starts acting strange, and our four heroes get new weapons, new gear, and a new evil to fight!

With Nya, Kai’s sister, by their side, the ninja join forces once again to protect the people of Ninjago! Lloyd is back stronger than ever, and the evil Lord Garmadon is now the peaceful Sensei Garmadon! Join the adventure to see new friends and favorite heroes as the world of Ninjago is once again caught in a battle between good and evil!

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