It’s a new day and there’s more new information about sets that are coming out in 2015. In this post we have the LEGO Ninjago sets. The Three Virtues has found a list of the new sets and CM4Sci has confirmed the list with some New Zealand pricing. These are also loosely translated names so things could change.

If you’ve been watching Ninjago: Rebooted, you would know that the Anacondrai is back and are one of the main antagonists in the show. Also looking at the sets, it looks like we’ll be getting the new Titanium Ninja, aka Zane. That could be wrong but we’ll see.

Anacondrai Crusher (70745) – 39.99
Anacondrai Copter Attack (70746) – 49.99
Cole’s Boulder Blaster (70747) – 49.99
Titanium Dragon (70748) – 79.99
Temple of Anacondrai (70749) – 99.99
Mobile Ninja Base (70750)
Unknown Set (70751)
Jungle Trap (70752) – 12.99
Lava Falls (70753) – 14.99
Jay’s ElectroMech (70754) – 29.99
Lloyd’s Jungle Raider (70755) – 39.99

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