The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) is one of the most popular sets that LEGO has released and earlier today, the designer video for the set went live on YouTube. LEGO designers Pablo Gonzalez, Leon Pijnenburg, and Daire McCabe talks about some of the details in the set. I do like that the set is almost 1:1 scale with the real console. Graphic designer Anthony Palamaro talks about some of the decorative pieces within the set. He notes the Mario figure pixel per pixel perfect to the on screen representation and was the first element to be designed graphic first. Benjamin Ma talks about his involvement in the set by integrating the Mario figure from the Starter Course (71360) to the TV.

Currently the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) is temporarily sold out on Shop@Home and there’s no timetable of when it will be back. Hopefully it won’t be that long as it will make a great present once the holiday season rolls around.

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