The San Diego Comic Con 2024 Exclusives Portal is now live and it doesn’t look like LEGO will be having anything this year. As suspected, LEGO seems to have stepped back from giving out exclusives for the convention. The rumor since after COVID was that LEGO was not happy with fans reselling the items and that’s why they have stopped.

LEGO will be at SDCC 2024 at their usual Booth #2829. There’s no information yet on what they will be doing there or what theme it will be. Last year, it was the Brickbuster Video booth which was designed as an old school Blockbuster store. They did have a Build Your Own Minifigure experience which you could say was an exclusive but it’s not as popular as the previous minifigures and sets. The panels and signings still have yet to be revealed so we’ll update as soon as those are announced.

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