LEGO Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 Set Images

Just like that and then 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair has started and there are now some images of the summer wave of LEGO sets. The guys over at PromoBricks and Zusammengebaut are there and they have provided the images for the world to see. There will also be videos as well from both sites later as well as more higher quality images when they are settled in after each day. Again, I’ll keep this post updated as more images are shared. Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, I’ve compiled a list of some of the sets we should be seeing in summer 2016. Images continued after the break.

Update: Head over to Zusammengebaut’s ticker to keep up with the updates. I’ll try to find more sources of images.
Update 2: There are lots of new images over on PromoBricks’ Facebook Page. Special thanks to Michael for his hard work.
Update 3: Zusammengebaut has started uploaded their videos on their YouTube channel.
Update 4: It’s day 2 at the toy fair and PromoBricks has continued with their uploads for Mixels, BIONICLE, Ninjago, TECHNIC, Friends, and Disney Princess.
Update 5: FamilyGamerTV has also started sharing some videos from their perspectives.
Update 6: An image for the Disney Collectible Minifigures box is now available.

Angry Birds





DC Comics Super Heroes


Disney Minifigures

Disney Princess




Marvel Super Heroes



Nexo Knights



Bagger (42053)

Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC (42054) – 1,977 pieces

Bucket Wheel Excvavator (42055) – 3,927 pieces

Un-named Porsche Supercar (42056)

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  • Tung

    The ticker won’t load for me, hasn’t all morning.

    • Yochip

      I had the same problem, you just got to wait it out.

  • Justin Martin

    I was so excited when I heard of a volcano set, I was thinking I could go all Dante’s Peak on my Lego city, but that is one tiny volcano. That is more Volcano the movie.

  • Peter

    I AM SOOO HYPED WOW! I thought the dc/marvel superhero sets were gona be my main focus, but those city sets r CLEAN !!!!

  • David4

    Love the baby and the wheelchair. 🙂

    • Diaz

      As a wheelchair user, I love that I can finally make a minifig version of myself!

    • Jessy Scholl

      Have to wonder about a Hospital Modular in 2017.

      • David4

        They haven’t made a hospital in City in a few years and we also got crutched so I think some hospital is a sure thing in 2017.

        • Jessy Scholl

          And LEGO only allows Modulars to use existing molds. This is the first time I ever saw a wheelchair mold from LEGO and the major rule in Hospitals is that you must be wheeled out in a wheelchair.

          • David4

            I don’t see why there would need to be a modular hospital, I think it’s much more likely for a normal City one.

          • Jessy Scholl

            It is hard to say. It doesn’t have to be a full hospital. But it can be a clinic that happens to be in a historic district.

  • Kobemaster

    No Star Wars pics?

    • Al

      I read on other forums that there was a ban on photos of Star Wars sets because LEGO did not want their own designs based off of the new LEGO Star Wars cartoon to be made public yet.

  • Tin Lau

    mind blown….

  • Norse Highlander

    I see a bat tank!

  • 0-0 Well the Bionicle leaks are about as real as they are going to get also did you get prices on the sets?

  • Al

    Waiting for the DC Juniors set, want to see Batman, Superman and especially Lex Luthor look.

    Got the armor Lex polybag with LEGO Batman 3, hopefully the Juniors Lex is different enough to still make the Lex polybag unique.

  • Ambrose Howard

    any Ninjago pics?

  • Ambrose Howard

    Yeah apparently photography for the Star Wars sets where banned. Just because TLG didn’t want to reveal the sets from their probably crappy TV show.

    • Norse Highlander

      Regardless of how the shows are, the sets built around them are pretty cool.

    • Except those tv shows are good…

    • Guest

      It is very silly how they would do that.
      and the tv is not even canon why should they care so much its not like its revealing a big spoiler.

  • Hyshi Leung

    No friends??

  • Wally West

    Still want the DC and bridge sets. Never was a ghost rider fan, but I might bricklink Hobgoblin. Doc Ock set looks good for a next year purchase, but not passing up those DC sets, I like them a lot. Oh, and nice new wheelchair and stroller builds.

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  • jermain burnett

    Why they remove their pictures of new 2016 summer Lego set are coming soon?

    • Site is being overloaded. Just wait a little bit and refresh.

      • jermain burnett


  • jermain burnett

    I go on the brickfan and I see pictures images of new 2016 summer Lego set are coming soon on toy fair and go back on Brickfan to see newer Lego set are coming soon in summer 2016 set.

  • dwain brownsell

    love the friends ones for my kids and also want the batman superman lex luther one for myself just because…. its awesome quite like the new batcopter in the scarecrow set too..

  • Volcano sets are disappointing

    The volcanic-looking scurrier from nexo knights and the volcano sets are a severe disappointment, only 1 figure in the whole line of sets is actually wearing a typical volcanologist suit!

    • Scurrier is good.

      I meant that the volcanic looking scurrier from nexo knights is very good and the volcano sets are disappointing

    • TheGlynreaper

      your a troll stop being a loser and get a proper username

  • Kiwi Preacher

    OMG Sooooo many awesome ideas to choose from. A wheelchair! Finally!!! That baby stroller is just inspired. Glad to see they are expanding the Friends line, now if only they would bring out a friends Police officer / Doctor etc… It’s for my 10yr old daughter you understand…

  • Josh

    Does anyone know what the average American dollars price of the ninjago sets is?

  • Brendan Bergen

    OH MY GOSH! these are some of the best lego sets I have ever seen! I’ve been wanting a official lego killer moth fig since the original lego batman video game.plus hob gob, ghost rider, kraven( maybe?) white tiger, scarlet spider, spider girl, the awesome new suicide squad sets, and the intresting new ninjago concept (all the villains from every storyline? sounds like a dimensions ripoff.) this is definitely gonna be an AWESOME year for lego!

  • dwain brownsell

    noticed there are no further scooby doo sets, the starwars ones havent been included either…

  • TheGlynreaper

    errrrrrrrrrr has anybody noticed jestro’s volcano base has 21 figures in the set

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