LEGO Overwatch

Back in May, Activision Blizzard shocked the community and announced that they will be teaming up with LEGO to produce some LEGO Overwatch sets. Other than that announcement, there hasn’t been any news about it until today. LEGO has already set up a minisite for the theme with the caption, “Let’s get this moving! LEGO Overwatch – Coming Soon”

If you’re familiar with Overwatch, you would know that quote is from Tracer when pushing the payload. The background also shows a faded image of a setting. It’s hard to tell what it is but to me it looks like the Numbani stage. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s still no word on when LEGO Overwatch will be coming out but it looks like it’ll be sometime in 2019 because of the copyright at the bottom of the image. Whenever it is, I’m extremely looking forward to seeing and building the sets.

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