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LEGO Polybags Available for Purchase on [email protected]


If you’re a polybag collector, you’ll be glad to know that LEGO is now selling polybags on LEGO [email protected]. They have a number of older ones currently available in a wide variety of themes. Note that some of them were fairly rare when they first released as they were only found at certain retailers. There is a limit of 50 per order. Thanks to everyone who emailed in about this.

The LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman & Tears of Batman (30607) – $3.99
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Guardian’s Ship (30525) – $3.99
LEGO Friends Chocolate Box & Flower (30411) – $4.99
LEGO City Arctic Ice Saw (30360) – $3.99
LEGO Jurassic World Baby Velociraptor Playpen (30382) – $3.99
LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542) – $3.99
LEGO Friends Mia’s Water Fun (30410) – $3.99
LEGO Friends Olivia’s Remote Control Boat (30403) – $3.99
LEGO City Police Water Plane (30359) – $3.99
The LEGO Movie 2 Rex’s Plantimal Ambush (30460) – $3.99
LEGO City Road Worker (30357) – $3.99
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Royal Talon Fighter (30450) – $3.99
LEGO City Space Satellite (30365) – $3.99
LEGO Unikitty Unikitty Roller Coaster Wagon (30406) – $3.99
LEGO DUPLO Farm (30326) – $3.49
LEGO Animal Free Builds – Make It Yours (30541) – $1.49

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