If you’ve been shopping for the LEGO Powered Up parts, you may have noticed that there were limits of 2 or 3 that you can purchase. This was an issue because more complex builds may need more parts than that. LEGO has listened and they have now increased the Powered Up parts to five. Although there is still the “lifetime purchase limit,” that will be addressed in the future of when you can order them again.

For the past few weeks I have been working with Retail, Consumer Services and our Order Verification Team to stress the need to examine the limits on certain products and the current limit time frame. Your voices are heard and we recognize that there are certain items where the need to purchase additional motors or hubs is critical. We are also in a situation where production is limited due to the virus.

There are concerns around increasing the limits on certain products that have long lead times. Powered elements are a very good example of an item with a significant lead time. If we go back to 2016 when 10254 The Holiday Train was released train motors, HUBs and remotes sold out prior to November and were out of stock for over 6 months. This was a very challenging time for everyone as you could not power the train or any other product you just received. Hence the need for limits.

While we do not have any information to share on the purchase limit time frame, we can share that we were able to come to an agreement that limits could be increased on certain products. An example in US/Canada, for most Powered Elements the quantity purchase limits have been increased from 2 or 3 up to 5.

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