LEGO Powerpuff Girls Rumored for 2018

Here’s some pretty interesting news coming out of the Brickset Forums regarding the Powerpuff Girls. Apparently the LEGO Dimensions expansion packs weren’t the last time we will see them as there are a couple of sets rumored for 2018 which include:

Bubbles’ Playground Showdown (41287)
Mojo Jojo Strikes (41288)

This some interesting news as this is something I didn’t expect but they would also add on to the existing minifigures and builds that we already got from LEGO Dimensions. If this rumor is actually true, I would love to have a Mojo Jojo minifigure. What do you guys think of this piece of 2018 news?

**Via Just2Good**

  • Danny Rww

    I would love to see a Lego Dimensions line where Lego could put some of these properties, especially since there were so many new minifigure parts that were made.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Yeah, like Dr. Who, Back to the Future, Adventure Time, Portal, Mission Impossible, Knight Rider, and A-Team!

  • Jay

    Now I wouldn’t mind a theme based off of the Powerpuff Girls at all!

    So long as it wasn’t the 2016 one, which it probably is.

    • Vanessa

      Does it matter? They’re the same characters.

  • David4

    More Doctor Who please!

  • Purple Dave

    That is the one problem with Dimensions. Other than Ninjago, pretty much every IP left main protagonists off the table, and only a handful of IPs featured any villains. WoZ kinda flipped that on its head and only had the main villain. With stuff like DC Comics and some of the original LEGO IP that wasn’t really a problem because the minifigs at least existed through other sets, but there’s no team in A-Team. There’s just one guy, saving nobody from no one. Ironically, while the other three team members may be really tough to MOC, the Colonel’s pretty simple. Powderpuff Girls villains, on the other hand… I remember thinking it was a shame that you could put them on a layout, but that the only official characters you could really have them fighting are 3/5 of the Teen Titans Go! team, from the crossover episode. So this, at least, solves that problem a little bit. And Mojo Jojo is the only villain I even know from PPG.

    • HUN_Sector

      Powerpuff boys (or whats their name), amoeba guys? Miss princess?

      • Purple Dave


      • Purple Dave

        Okay, looks like the boys are the Rowdyruff Boys, and “Miss princess” might be Princess Morbucks? Anyways, I know Mojo Jojo largely because when I bought my first DVD player, it came with a free PPG DVD (The Mane Event), and he’s the only major recurring villain I could even remember. It looks like there was an episode with the Ganggreen Gang, and another with Sedusa, but I can sorta remember the former and don’t remember the latter at all. None of the villains you mentioned appear to be on that DVD, and I don’t think I ever watched any other episodes (didn’t have cable back then, so original broadcast was right out).

  • Oscar Romero

    Amazing, great news

  • Spontificus

    Weird if true, since I heard that the reboot show is performing very badly. Here is to hoping some of the Dimension licenses with a lot of potential also get lines, particularly Doctor Who.