Various companies have been going out of their way to help during the Coronavirus pandemic and LEGO has stepped into the fray as well. Colleagues on the LEGO Ambassador Network has mentioned that the Region of Southern Denmark (Syddanmark) Facebook Page has posted images of a new protective eyewear that LEGO developed for medical professionals to use as part of their personal protective equipment. Currently organizations such as the Odense University Hospital and Sygehus Lillebælt have been using them and so far it’s been working well and have become part of their regular equipment.

It may not seem like a lot to us but for the medical profession, it’s invaluable at this point. You may remember that LEGO also launched a couple of campaigns last week to help with the COVID-19 situation including donating $50 million to support children in need. It’s good to see companies using their time and resources to help out others when they don’t really have to.

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