I first came over this video on LEGO Shop’s Facebook Page and couldn’t help but to smile after watching it. To give a little back story, Brett took his son to his very first trip to the Vancouver LEGO Store, and like many other kids and adults who have an opportunity to step inside a store, the eyes get big and there’s an unforgettable smile on the face.

This is one of the reasons why I got back into LEGO. Seeing kids happy faces at the stores and it takes me back to my younger days when I would see LEGO sets on the shelves and wanting to buy everything in sight. I have friends who are Brick Specialists at the local LEGO store here in San Diego and to see them assisting kids pick out sets is pretty cool. Some may be visiting for the first time and may be picking out their first sets but one thing that is constant is the smiles that you see.

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