This year, LEGO has released a number of regional exclusive sets including the 2019 Chinese New Years ones for the Asian regions, The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz from Target and Walmart, as well as the Star Wars Celebration Darth Vader Bust also from Target. Many of you have voiced your concerns over these exclusives and it looks like LEGO has finally listened.

Tormod over on the LAN has posted a brief statement about future region exclusives and it says that sets released after May 1st will be widely available at LEGO Brand Stores and on Shop@Home for a limited time after launch (3-6 months). This should give enough time for those who actually want an exclusive to be able to get them with ease without going through the secondary market. There’s still products that will be truly exclusive such as gift-with-purchase promo items, LEGOLAND, LEGO House, LEGO Inside Tour, and Comic Con items. This means that it looks like a lot of us will be able to get the recently revealed Dragon Boat Race (80103) without jumping through hoops.

What do you think of this massive change that LEGO is putting in place?

Dear AFOL Community,

It has become apparent to us at the LEGO Group that you are dissatisfied with the recent launches of regional exclusive products. We’ve received a lot of feedback on the LEGO festival products to mark the Chinese New Year (sets 80101 and 80102), the LEGO The Movie 2 Brickheadz (41634, 41635,41636 & 41637) in the US as well as the LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Darth Vader Bust (75227). Because of this feedback and concerns from you, our dedicated and most loyal fans, we have decided that regional exclusives launched after May 1, 2019 will become widely available via LEGO Brand Retail stores and LEGO Shop at Home after a limited period of time (3-6 months) of the initial launch.

In the following areas we will still be launching products, which will have a certain limitation to availability and production runs:

– Pilot projects, such as Forma, to check out markets and opportunities without being able to make them widely available.
– Gift With Purchase campaigns through LEGO Shop at Home and LEGO Brand Retail.
– Products only sold in certain experiences (for example LEGOLAND, LEGO House & LEGO Brand Retail stores).
– Special Event Sets (Comic Cons, LEGO Inside Tour).

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