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LEGO Releases Statement on Influx of Fake LEGO Shop Websites


Fake LEGO Website

In recent weeks, there has been a ton of fake LEGO sites that have been popping up on social media and many of you have emailed in asking if they were legitimate seeing that they have a similar design as LEGO [email protected]. This is especially confusing considering that they have just expanded [email protected] to five new countries. Some of these fake sites have prices that look extremely tempting to the untrained eye and a majority of these “companies” will try to steal your credit card information during checkout or may even send you bootlet sets.

LEGO has released an official statement with the numerous reports of these fake LEGO websites emerging from the woodwork.

We are aware of the existence of websites that mislead consumers in different ways and we take all of these incidents very seriously. While we cannot comment on our specific actions, what we can say is that when we are made aware of or observe any situation where consumers are misled and our intellectual rights are violated we always take the appropriate actions to protect consumers as well as our brand.

We believe that consumers should always be aware of when they are purchasing a genuine LEGO product and when they purchase something else – and they should not be misled during the process of purchase.

We are aware that it may be difficult to identify a fake website, but if in doubt, consumers can be certain that the official LEGO shop on www.shop.LEGO.com is genuine.

A general thing to keep in mind is that LEGO only has one site to sell their products and that is on www.shop.LEGO.com. Some of these sites will have the word “LEGO” in the domain name to try and fool unsuspecting customers. Just be aware and and always check the URL of the site that you’re on. Also if the prices seem too good to be true compared to the ones found on [email protected], they probably are.

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