Yesterday LEGO Pick a Brick released hundreds of new parts for purchase and one of them was supposed to be the gray goat (6490240) but it showed up for a short amount of time and was removed. LEGO has given an official statement regarding the removal. Apparently, it was listed at the wrong price and all the orders that had the goat that whatever price it was listed at will be cancelled. In addition, they have stated that it will be returned to Pick a Brick some time tomorrow and you can purchase it at the correct price.

On July 1st, along with other novelty elements, we were excited to make available one of the greatest LEGO® elements of all time, the LEGO goat (6490240) through the online Pick a Brick service. Unfortunately, a pricing error was identified with a select number of new elements including the LEGO goat. Approximately 30 minutes after launch, these elements were temporarily removed to investigate. At this point, the cause for the error has been identified and corrected, and the gray LEGO goat will return to Pick a Brick on July 3rd.

In line with the terms and conditions of, all orders placed on July 1st, for the LEGO goat, have been or will be canceled.

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