Yesterday, LEGO technically released an April Fool’s Day set to select Recognized LEGO Fan Media outlets with The Majestic Horse (010423). The set has 375 pieces and looking at the box, it may seem that it is just a galloping horse but when you finally build it, it is not what you would expect. Instead of a horse head, they were tricked into building a doge head instead. If you’re not familiar with the doge, it’s an iconic Internet meme of Kabosu, the Shiba Inu. The “horse” also is wearing Sonic red shoes instead of having horseshoes.

Unfortunately, there was only about roughly 10 set total sets made so you most likely won’t be able to get one. I’m not sure if the select RLFM are allowed to share the instructions for it but we’ll see. It’s all in fun and this is probably the best April Fool’s Day joke that LEGO has done. We’ll see how they top it next year. GGs LEGO.

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