Last week, Brickset brought up some design flaws with with the new LEGO Star Wars AT-AT (75313) where it can’t be easily taken apart. Of course, this goes against LEGO’s ethos that every set can be taken apart and rebuilt.

The post garnered enough attention from other media that LEGO has released a statement about it. One of these outlets was Vice who LEGO gave the response to and not Brickset which boggles my mind as to why they didnt’ give it to a fellow fan media. The statement is as follows:

All LEGO sets are designed to be rebuildable, including the LEGO Star Wars AT-AT.

“This set is a complex build intended for those aged 18+ and uses Technic pieces to secure elements of the set. Once assembled, these pieces can sometimes be more difficult to take apart, but it is still possible. In the case of the elements that attach the upper body to the lower part of the set, builders should tap to the side of the Technic rod until it starts to stick out and then remove it using the LEGO tool which is provided with the set. Alternatively, you can ease the model onto its side and the rods will come out.

“Regarding the pieces used to construct the legs; once assembled the Technic rods can be removed by pushing the rod from one end and securing the end of it with your fingernail. Then push back the cross-axle extender and keep repeating this movement until enough of the end protrudes out to be able to remove it.

RacingBrick has given a demonstration on how to take it apart but some have stated that it still doesn’t work that well. Have you tried taking apart your AT-AT just to see if it can actually be taken apart?

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