LEGO Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958)

For the past few years, LEGO has released Seasonal “hut” sets with the last unreleased one being the Penguin Winter Hut (5005251) but it looks like LEGO has switched over to the “pods” this this year’s offerings. Over on Instagram, a user has found the Easter Chicken Pod (853958) at their LEGO Certified Store in Slovenia.

By using the pod, it allows for more playability as you can build on it unlike the huts where it was just a holder for the minifigure. For this one, there’s a skating ramp for a bunny on skates along with a yellow chicken minifigure also on skates.

There’s no word on availability at this time but I’ll let you know when those details are available. Thanks to C for the heads up a few days ago.

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