LEGO will be testing out a new thing for the Pick-a-Brick service in the UK in which they will have a minimum purchase amount. This minimum order will align with the price of a large Pick-a-Brick cup in LEGO Stores in the UK which is valued at £11.99. The test will run until there is an appropriate sample size of generated orders. This test could also be rolled out in other countries in the near future.

Starting February 23rd will be running a test in the UK to help us get more info about having a minimum purchase amount for Pick A Brick orders. The minimum order value will be aligned with the price of large Pick A Brick cups in LEGO Stores (£11.99). The test is going to be visible to all shoppers in the UK.

There are currently two different element purchase options on, Pick A Brick and Bricks and Pieces. While these might appear similar the infrastructure behind each of these services is very different. From packing to shipping, Bricks and Pieces infrastructure is designed to assist with small orders to help the end user complete a project or replace lost elements. Pick A Bricks infrastructure is quite the opposite as it was designed to fulfil large bulk orders. The one thing that was not within the structure of Pick-A-Brick was the online experience allowing small orders.

Small orders impact the internal processes, and this provides the opportunity to test a minimum order value. This can also help align the Pick A Brick experiences both online and at LEGO Branded stores.

The test will last until an appropriate sample size is generated of online Pick A Brick orders after which additional testing could be done or this process could be rolled out to additional countries. Feedback from the new experience will be an important part of this test and will be monitoring the situation closely.

Images below demonstrate what a user can expect to see from an empty bag – below the threshold – at/above the threshold.

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