LEGO Star Wars Box (5005704)

LEGO has launched a new surprise promotion on Shop@Home for a LEGO Star Wars Box (5005704). You can get it for free with purchases of $75 or more in LEGO Star Wars items and the promotion will run from now until December 19. The box contains various minifigure polybags from previous promotions including some May the 4th ones. The minifigures listed include:

Hoth Han Solo (5001621)
Stormtrooper Sergeant (5002938)
Admiral Yularen (5002947)
Scarif Stormtrooper (40176)
DJ (40298)

In addition, you will be entered to win an exclusive Platinum R2-D2, Sterling Silver R2-D2, or Signed & Graded TC-14. This part of the promo is only valid in the 50 United States and District of Columbia, and the 10 provinces of Canada, excluding Quebec.

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