LEGO Star Wars 15th Anniversary

The LEGO Star Wars theme is celebrating their 15th Anniversary and LEGO has released a short video to mark the event. It shows a Darth Vader minifigure standing in front of a cake and with some clever editing, he blows out the candles with the Force.

The description of the video is in French but with the power of Google Translate it is as follows:

15 years LEGO Star Wars supports a galactic adventure to all families. But what would happen if one of the characters LEGO Star Wars decided to come into your houses to bring the action to Father’s Day?

To find out and try to win a lot of gifts LEGO Star Wars visit:

May the Force be with you!

So apparently there is some kind of contest at the link above, although it is currently down, and it looks like it may be a France only contest. Hopefully we’ll also get some kind of contest here in the States as well.

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