One of the coolest minifigures I’ve seen in the LEGO Star Wars universe were the Mandalorians Jango and Boba Fett. In January 2011, LEGO released the Mandalorian Battle Pack (7914) which consists of four troopers. The set contains 68 pieces and retails for $12.99 a whopping $0.19/piece.

Mandalorian Battle Pack (7914) Mandalorian Battle Pack (7914)


As stated before, there are four troopers in the battle pack. The official description listed from LEGO has one Mandalorian Assassin and three Mandalorian Troopers but they all look exactly the same. The main color schemes for the set are blue and gray and they all have the Mandalorian printing. The weapons included are a gun turret, which is a pretty simple build, a gun with two legs, a regular blaster, a blaster rifle, and two blaster pistols. All the minifigures also have jetpacks.

Mandalorain Mandalorain

Mandalorain Mandalorain



There are two small builds with this set, the gun turret and a speeder bike. The gun is able to rotate a full 360 degrees and there is a platform for a figure to stand on. The speeder bike is made to resemble the Balutar-class swoop. It has some clear bricks to make it seem like it’s flying. Although the ship doesn’t look like the ones in the cartoon series, it looks okay considering the small amount of pieces used to build it. Overall, I like how the turret and the speeder came out.

Mandalorian on Turret Mandalorian on Speeder Bike


If you are looking to add some cool looking minifigures to your collection, then the Mandalorian Battle Pack is just right for you. There are some nice weapons included as well. At $12.99, it would be a good pick up to start your Mandalorian army.

Mandalorains Mandalorains

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack (7914)

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