LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 (40268) Available at Toys R Us

LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 (40268)

The LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 (40268) polybag is currently available for purchase at Toys R Us for $5.99 each. I’ve also been told that they have started showing up in stores but they do have a street date of August 26. Your mileage may vary at your particular store. I’m assuming there will be a promotion going on for them the week after. The item number for it is 814240.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in about it.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Mike Lambert

    Looks like Toys R us took it down off their site already. Went to get one and none were put out. Tried to add to cart online and it disapeared 🙁

    • Jeff

      I bought 3.

  • JohnSB

    It looks like $6 for a poly bag at Toys R Us is now normal? Wow.

    And I get mad when places charge $5 for the CMFs.