There are more rumors of some LEGO Summer 2017 sets and this time it’s for LEGO Star Wars courtesy of Hoth Bricks.

There are two more sets for The Force Awakens with the Quadjumper and the Guavian Death Gang. There’s also some more Freemaker Adventure sets which is interesting to see since there was only a small initial wave.

There’s also the two Battle Packs which makes sense since there’s only two coming out in the winter wave instead of the usual four.

The Imperial Hovertank is a headscratcher since there’s already one for the Rogue One wave but I’ve heard that it could be from the the Battlefront game.

The Rebel Hanger could be a store exclusive as it was revealed on Brickset and not from Hoth Bricks. The Vader Transformation set will be the first standalone set for this scene since 2005 although we saw part of it in Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle back in 2010.

Episode 4-7 Battle Pack (75166) – 15€
Episode 4-7 Battle Pack (75167) – 15€
Quadjumper (75178) – 60€
Rebel Hangar (75179)
Death Gang (75180) – 80€
Imperial Hovertank (75182) – 30€
Vader Transformation (75183) – 30€
Advent Calendar (75184) – 30€
Freemaker (75185) – 70€
Freemaker (75186) – 90€

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