It’s never too early for details on summer 2016 LEGO sets but Just2Good and his “insider” is back with a new video regarding some upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets. There will be at least two more sets based on The Force Awakens movie which are “Encounter on Jakku” and the “Resistance X-Wing”.

There are some spoilers in the video so I won’t discuss any of that if you haven’t seen the movie yet but I do have a clue on what one of the sets will look like. For the Resistance X-Wing set, I’m going to assume that it’ll look like the one from the Series 3 Microfighters set but in a larger scale. How large will it be? I’m not sure but hopefully around the same size as Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (75102)icon but in the blue and gray/white color scheme. Feel free to discuss below but no spoilers please and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, avoid watching the stuff after 15 seconds.

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