LEGO games have been known to have unlockable characters and vehicles in their games and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is no exception. Here are some codes that have been gathered by the community as a whole to unlock some characters and ships. Some of these codes came with LEGO sets that came out a while back before the game was delayed.

To use the codes, you can either go to the Holoprojector, move to the Extras tab and hit Enter Code or you can just hit pause and go to Enter Code there. Let us know if there are more codes that are found.

Aayla Secura – KH7P320
Admiral Holdo – XV4WND9
C-3P0 (Holiday) – C3PHOHO
Chewbacca (Holiday) – WOOKIEE
Darth Vader (Holiday) – WROSHYR
Dengar – OKV7TLR
D-0 (Holiday) – TIPYIPS
Emperor Palpatine: SIDIOUS
Gonk Droid (Holiday) – LIFEDAY
Grand Moff Tarkin – 3FCPPVX
Mister Bones – BAC1CKP
Nute Gunray – WBFE4GO
Poe Dameron (Holiday) – KORDOKU
Poggle the Lesser – Z55T8CQ
Ratts Tyerell – GR2VBXF
Razor Crest – ARVALA7
Resistance I-TS Transport – SHUTTLE
Snap Wexley – SKYSAGA

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