The premiere date of the LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles has been announced on the official LEGO Star Wars blog and it will be exactly one week from today, January 5th. There was a TV commercial on the Cartoon Network that was shown yesterday night but I’ve checked the TV listings for January 5th and didn’t see the show on the schedule. Although it didn’t show up on the schedule, that doesn’t mean it can’t change as we get closer to the premiere date.

Update: The premiere date of January 5 announced by LEGO was incorrect and will actually be Friday, January 11. LEGO has updated their blog with more details.

Unfortunately the date that was earlier posted on the blog regarding the launch of this year’s big story The Yoda Chronicles was not correct. It will launch on Friday January 11th.
However, we have more cool news to tell you now. Throughout the whole year, starting from January 11th you will have access to a new portal filled with weekly updates. This will truly be awesome for all of us!