In less than a day here in the US, the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313) sold out and that also essentially kills the promotion for Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (40483). It wasn’t surprising that the set would be that popular as it generated a lot of buzz when it was first announced earlier this month and it did go up a few minutes early before midnight on Friday. As a result of AT-AT selling out, the price on it has jumped 1.5x on the secondary market. LEGO Customer Service has posted a message saying that there won’t be anymore stock until after the holiday season.

The 75313 Star Wars™ AT-AT™ is currently out of stock and we don’t expect to get more until after the holidays. We’re sorry about this disturbance in the Force.

You can always use the “Notify When in Stock” feature on the AT-AT product page to let LEGO email you when it goes back up. Your best bet is to use the “Check Store Stock” to see if there are any LEGO Stores near you that has it but I’m betting that pretty much every store is out of stock as well.

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If you have connections to other countries, the UK, France, and Germany still have them in stock while Australia and New Zealand are taking backstock orders for it but at this point, you might as well go to eBay as the prices are about the same there at equivalent currency.

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