LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) Listed on Toys R Us

The LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) won’t be a LEGO exclusive anymore because it is now listed on the Toys R Us website. It isn’t currently available at this time but you can sign up for email notifications to let you know when they will have some in their warehouse. The RWeb# is 810544.

[email protected] has had limited availability since it was first launched and you can no longer get the Black VIP Card that went with it. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that LEGO didn’t have enough to make the rumored 30,000 cards that were planned for this promotion.

If you’re still looking for the UCS Falcon, it may be worth signing up for the TRU email notifications. I’ve had luck with the system on other products so it does work.

  • Purple Dave

    Most of the rumors are claiming they intentionally shorted production on this to drive up demand, even though that has never been their m.o. All the reports I’ve heard from actual employees suggest that the quantity that they burned through within a matter of hours on launch day was expected to last long enough to cover the wide launch a few weeks later. Our local store manager said he had to work very hard to convince corporate to give him even twelve copies because they told him they were worried he’d end up sitting on a pile of them (the truth was, he had no less than 25 people call to inquire about availability, and had at least that many people show up hoping to buy one).

    Then we see this mad scramble (which has happened on a few occasions) to get them into the hands of people on a waiting list (which I don’t think has ever happened before) before the year ends and the offer expires. So, while there were certainly a bunch of resellers who got their hands on multiple copies (which may only trigger one card to be produced per person), I’d take any claims of a planned 30,000 cards, or that they are obligated to produce less cards than originally planned, with a truckload of salt covered in more salt.

    • I don’t think they really needed to drive up demand as the demand was already there. I think they simply underestimated how many sets to produce given the high price point and didn’t think it would sell as good as it has been.

      • David4

        You aren’t a Nintendo fan are you? Even with demand already being there these corporations want even more press coverage for their product.

        • Purple Dave

          Except they really didn’t do anything to capitalize on that, did they? No TV ads, radio ads, print ads…basically none of the things that you’d expect a company to do to draw lots of attention to the fact that they had a super popular product on their hands.

          Also, about Nintendo. They could park on their console until they had enough to guarantee everyone could buy one as they pleased. Or, they could launch ASAP so the money starts rolling in up to a year early. Or they could launch ASAP so they don’t risk parking on such a big pile of PSP’s that they have to threaten to cancel orders for the PS3 if stores don’t keep buying them up so they can avoid taking a huge loss on them. Or they could launch ASAP so they can keep their production at a steady pace instead of flooding the market and having to hold off on making any new consoles for several months until the initial glut dies down. There are plenty of reasons to not guarantee every potential customer can buy one at launch, and most of them are about remaining solvent instead of having to declare bankruptcy because you jumped the gun. Since Nintendo reportedly usually has the biggest profit margin of any console generation, they appear to know what they’re doing. Don’t overdesign to the point that you have to rely on Moore’s Law to turn a profit someday, and don’t overproduce so you won’t bury your profits under debt load. They did the same thing when the Gamecube came out, and it ended up profiting more than either of its competitors at the time, in spite of the fact that nobody seemed to be willing to admit that they bought one.

          • David4

            You are really missing the point. By setting up the supply they get free press. If they made enough for Christmas websites wouldn’t have talked about it as much. But then magically right after the the holidays they suddenly have it in stock and even at TRU.

    • Scarilian

      I think you have gotten slightly confused – Lego certainly anticipated a large interest in the Star Wars UCS Falcon and coupled it with a promotional deal that would secure sales (The Star Wars VIP Card)

      Shortly after they were first listed as ‘not in stock’ an employee of Lego went to 4chan and posted photo’s of boxes of the UCS Falcon in stock at a warehouse along with other forms of proof they were an employee and timestamps. There was no issue in terms of stock, yet the Falcon was constantly listed as out of stock.

      The employee speculated that Lego wanted to limit the amount of Star Wars VIP cards given out because the 2018 deals one would get via the VIP card could negatively affect profits if there was more than a certain amount of cards given out.

      They went on to speculate that rather than just sell all the UCS Falcon’s at release, Lego decided to stagger the release intentionally while they discussed the viability of how many cards they could give out.

      • James Busch

        Where can I find these photos?

      • PeteH



      • Purple Dave

        So…you say they knew it would be a huge smash hit…and then they coupled it with a promo offer because they needed to guarantee it would be a huge smash hit? I do not think this means what you think it means.

        Regarding 4chan, pics or it didn’t happen.

        And about launch, there are reports that stores in Europe were allowing multiple copies per purchase, with some people walking out (or staggering, perhaps) with up to three at a time. When we were lining up on launch day, they had a limit of 5 per order on [email protected] Shortly before the site went live for orders in the US, it had been reduced to two per order. By the time they actually opened the gates, it was down to one per order. Now, if you buy multiple copies on the same VIP account, even if you get multiple cards, they’ll all be linked to the same account which will probably be tracked to make sure each account only nets one promo item per event. If you limit sales to one each, and spread them out among more accounts, there will be more buyers who qualify for the promo, where anyone who buys from a reseller gets no card. If they wanted to maximize sales without all the extra cards, they should have left the higher limits intact so there would be less overall buyers.

  • Joshua D Lane

    It’s live and available for purchase at Toysrus online

  • myscrnnm

    What do you mean when you say they didn’t have to make the 30,000 cards that were planned? I’m fairly certain they’ve sold over 30,000 units at this point.

    • My mistake. I meant they didn’t have enough to make the 30k cards. I honestly don’t think they were close to 30k after seeing the availability at my stores and online.

      • myscrnnm

        Interesting. I had been seeing numbers as high as over half that being sold on the first day alone online. Guess we’ll never know for sure, but 30,000 by December 31st doesn’t seem unreasonable.