LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) Teaser?

LEGO Mystery Set

LEGO has just teased a new set coming soon that that will be very big. The box for the LEGO Creator London Bus is 20,000 cm³ but this new set is 4.86 times bigger.

Sign are most likely pointing to the rumored updated LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). The September 2017 LEGO Store Calendar shows two early access sets available starting September 14 so thus mystery set could be it. We should know more details soon so stay tuned.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    It would be nice to get a Falcon. I’ve never had any Lego falcons so I may as well go for the big one. I’d be fine with a myriad of other Star Wars or even non-star wars big sets though, like another famous landmark or whatnot.

  • PeteH

    How about a LEGO Vehicle/Vertical Assembly Building to house the Saturn V? Along with a scale Space Shuttle, naturally.

    Nah, I want the Millenium Falcon too.

    Although VAB would be good…

    • Brian h

      that would be more than a qubic meter in my room I can’t spare…..
      damnit, I need it for my Saturn V

      Maybe that VAB can be used as furniture (table) in disguise ;P

  • Brickfinger

    Twenty thousand cubic centimetres?!

    I’m not a maths guy- but that is seriously large/ incorrect.

    Isn’t that more like the size of a large bedroom?

    • egoatlast

      50cmx40cmx10cm =20,000cm^3

      Seems correct to me.

      • Jerry Cullymore

        only 7874 cubic inches

    • Richard Chesterton

      No. 100x20x10cm or 50x50x8cm is 20,000 cubic cm.

  • Brian h

    They would rock if they add the round and rectangular dish as options

  • Lock

    I hope they’ll change it a lot instead. Like adding internal rooms. 🙂