Rumors have starting swirling about a new LEGO Star Wars UCS set that may be coming out in 2014. Over on Eurobricks, members mentioned that the newest Ultimate Collector’s Series set could be the Slave I. If Slave I was to come out in 2014, my guess is that it could be during LEGO’s “May the 4th Be With You” promotions since the company has released various UCS sets around that time including the R2-D2 (10225) in 2012 and the Red Five X-wing Starfighter (10240) from this year.

LEGO has released quite a few versions of the Slave I including some oddball sets such as the MINI version during Star Wars Celebration VI. There have been many memorable Star Wars vehicles that have become UCS sets but one of the most iconic ships hasn’t been featured yet. Maybe 2014 will be the time for the Slave I to make it’s mark as an Ultimate Collector’s Series set.

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