I’m not sure how true this is but it looks like the LEGO Store Calendars that we’ve all been used to have been cancelled for 2022. In an image that has been floating around online, it states that due to market planning and in conjunction with world events, it has become difficult to develop engaging calendar content within a certain timeline and the December 2021 calendar was the last one. As of this post, there is no store calendars listed on the LEGO Shop which usually goes up a week before the new month.

If this message is true, it’ll be extremely difficult to know what gift-with-purchase items LEGO will have for each month and in turn, makes it harder for consumers to manage their purchases as they don’t know what will be going on. I assume that a lot of people plan their purchases around the GWPs and with the calendar gone, it will most likely encourage more impulse purchases. Keep in mind that we’re not sure if the message is true or it has been fabricated but we’re looking to get some answers from the LAN so we’ll see. Thanks to Jesus for the heads up.

Update: LEGO has confirmed the cancellation of the store calendars. Read here to find out how they will be announcing future GWPs and other promotions.

The Monthly LEGO Retail Store Calendar will not come back for 2022, I’m so sorry!

Over time our marketing planning strategy, ways of working, and world events have shifted what’s going on in our stores and how we communicate it. For this reason it has become challenging to develop engaging calendar content within the constraints of the timelines required to do so to share on LEGO.com/stores each month. With that said, we have taken the decision to sunset the monthly store calendar at the conclusion of 2021.

We hope that in the future, as we are able to have more hands on play and spend more time at stores, we can bring back some of the cool things we had with the Store Calendar.

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