LEGO Store Calendar

It looks like LEGO is making another change that may impact the way you shop at LEGO Stores. You may have received the same email this morning as they have announced that the LEGO monthly store calendar will be going paperless starting in July. I know some of you collect the calendars but most of us just like to have one physically to look at.

I can already see a small problem with this new change. Because the store calendars only show the in-store events for those who still use them, I have a feeling that there will be less people attending them because they have nothing to go on to see what will be happening unless the employees keep reminding them or blogs post about them. Just a quick poll, how many of you actually go to the LEGO Store page to look at the calendar or the in-store events?

Also with the LEGO store calendars going digital in a few months, hopefully they post the current month as well as the month after because that’s what the stores have been doing since forever.

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