Earlier today, LEGO did their LEGO Super Mario MAR10 Day reveals and there will be three new sets coming this August as well as a teaser for LEGO Mario Kart sets coming in 2025.

Battle with Roy at Peach’s Castle (71435) – 738 pieces/$64.99

Let kids explore, battle, role-play and more at an iconic Super Mario™ location with the LEGO® Super Mario™ Battle with Roy at Peach’s Castle set (71435). This Nintendo® character toy playset, which makes a great gift for girls, boys and gamers aged 7 and up, features a LEGO brick-built princess’s castle model that opens out ready for playtime adventures. It has easy-to-rebuild walls that collapse under siege, a tower, a catapult, a rotating throne and a fountain in the garden. There are also 3 LEGO Super Mario toy figures: Roy (for the first time in a LEGO Super Mario set), a Chain Chomp and Toad.

King Boo’s Haunted Mansion (71436) – 932 pieces/$74.99

Encounter ghostly characters and search for the key to a treasure chest at King Boo’s Haunted Mansion (71436) with this LEGO® Super Mario™ adventure toy playset for kids. A super gift idea for boys, girls and gamers aged 8 and up, the set features a buildable toy haunted house that opens out for easy access to playful details such as an elevating sofa and a bookcase with a key-reveal function. It also includes 4 LEGO Super Mario toy figures – King Boo, a Yellow Baby Yoshi, a Dry Bones and a Boo.

The Bowser Express Train (71437) – 1,392/$119.99

Let the action-packed rides begin with this LEGO® Super Mario™ The Bowser Express Train toy set (71437). A great Nintendo® gift for boys, girls and any gamers aged 9+, this kids’ adventure playset includes a detailed train, a handcar, 2 stations, a Super Star Block, ? Block and 6 LEGO Super Mario toy figures – a Hammer Bro, Boom Boom, 2 Goombas and 2 Para-Biddybuds.

Add a LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Peach™ figure (not included) for interactive play. Help them to chase the train in the handcar, operate the spinning platform on the locomotive and activate the cannon wagon’s spring-loaded shooter. Once all the enemies are defeated, trigger horn sounds as they drive Bowser’s Express to the station.

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