LEGO earlier on their Facebook Page posted an image of a code 4FYKKB for the LEGO The Hobbit video game to unlock Narzug. This code has been out for a while now but the interesting thing is there is also a glimpse of a physical version of LEGO Smaug’s wing, tail, and feet. According to some reports, Smaug would be in set 79018 where it depicts the final scenes from the Desolation of Smaug and Brickipedia has him in a set called “King Under the Mountain.”

There’s still no definite news at this time of this wave of The Hobbit sets outside of online retailers having placeholders. This is just early speculation but I can venture a guess that Smaug will look somewhat similar to the dragon from the LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain (70403) but with a repaint. Hopefully we get some news on these new Hobbit sets soon and if so, they’ll probably be released later this year/early next year.