LEGO The Simpsons Series Collectible Minifigures (71005)

There have been reports that the LEGO The Simpsons Series Minifigures (71005) are starting to hit shelves early at various retailers such as Walmart and now Toys R Us. The official release date for the minifigures is still two weeks away on May 1st. In preparation for the release, a reader who is also a fellow member of SandLUG has found some at LEGOLAND and provided a feel guide for the minifigures. Since feeling for the heads may be somewhat difficult, luckily the characters also have accessory pieces that can help out in identifying them. Thank you to Charlie for the guide.

1. Homer
Feel for 1×2 tile remote control and 1×1 round stud donut piece

2. Bart
Feel for the two wheels (they bend) and the skateboard deck.

3. Marge
Feel for her hair – it’s long and bulky. To make sure, feel for her purse.

4. Lisa
Feel for her saxophone.

5. Maggie
Feel for her teddy-bear.

6. Grampa
Feel for 2×2 square tile and a cone-ish head. He is one of two minifigures that have the tile with movable legs. Don’t get him confused with Marge.

7. Ned Flanders
Feel for his toolbox and cup with handle.

8. Krusty the Clown
Feel for his cream-pie. His hair feels like two handles of a

9. Milhouse van Houten
Feel for 2×2 square tile and kid legs. His head is bulkier than Ralph’s. Feel for his big nose if you’re unsure.

10. Ralph Wiggum
Feel for 2×2 square tile and kid legs. His head is smooth and round, although flattened somewhat on top.

11. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Feel for his Squishee cup.

12. Nelson Muntz
Feel foe his baseball bat with a raised edge around the handle.

13. Itchy
Feel for his club.

14. Scratchy
Feel for his axe and tail.

15. Chief Wiggum
Feel for his police-hat shape. His loudhailer has a vertical handle and he has a small billystick (club).

16. Mr Burns
Feel for his carbon rod (lightsaber piece) and fish bowl. The fish bowl feels like a minifig head.

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