LEGO Tower

If you didn’t know, LEGO Tower has fully launched on smart and mobile devices. You can either find it on Google Play or the Apple App Store. It is free to play and it does offer in-app purchases if you wish. I’ve been playing it since the beta and it’s similar to Tiny Towers but uses LEGO elements.

There are various tickets you can redeem under settings for some gifts. I’m not sure if this one still works or not but use betaclub for 20 days of the Tower Club.

Use code July4 by July 6 to get the Statue of Liberty hat piece.

Be sure to follow NimbleBit to keep updated on redemption codes to use in the game for exclusive items. Also feel free to add me at 123P. I’ve been playing on and off but I’ve managed to get up to level 33 so far.

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